Annual General Meeting


The Annual General Meeting is held between January and April of each year.

During the Annual General Meeting, the following information is presented:

  •  Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting

  • Administrative work report

  • Financial report from the Treasurer

  •  Address by the President

  • Amendments to the Statute (where applicable)

  •  Motions

  • Every three years the election of Board members occurs

When necessary, the Board may call an Extraordinary General Meeting with a specific agenda.


Throughout the year, NPSPD attends a number of conferences in order to fulfil its mission of empowering parent advocacy at all levels, both locally and internationally. Attending conferences also allows us to stay up-to-date with the latest knowledge and best practices in the disability sector.


As part of our mission to support and educate parents, we regularly organise workshops in order for parents to also become advocates.

These workshops cover various topics and provide parents with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively advocate for their children's needs in all aspects of their lives, from birth through adulthood.

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