Logo of NPSPD





Our mission and aims are to work in collaboration with anyone who is truly committed to work in the best interest of the person with disability and their families.

  • to offer support as from birth to children with disability into adulthood.

  • to offer assistance and support to parents of children with disability and to educate and help them overcome the difficulties that arise from the situation of their child’s disability.

  • to organise and carry out those functions and activities which it believes are necessary to fulfill aims above, and to serve as a unifying force for all those who have the welfare of people with disability at heart.

  • to facilitate relations between people with disability, their parents, the authorities and professionals in the sector.

Among its aims, the NPSPD strives to be:

  • a think tank on disability issues

  • a pressure group

  • a mover for change, and

  • a promoter for inclusion at all levels

In its overall approach, inspiration and actions, the NPSPD:

  • believes in the right to life

  • believes in equal opportunities for all

  • adheres to the social model over the medical model

  • considers education and training at all levels to persons with disability as priorities promotes and monitors accessibility.